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183 kr

The cover keeps your Påhoj protected from rain and dirt when you’re cycling without your child, and it can also be used for storage. It’s easy to fold the cover back into the pocket when it’s not in use.


The cover is custom-made to fit your Påhoj and keeps moisture and dirt away when you don’t have a child in your Påhoj. The integrated pocket is small and easy to store the cover in.

Weight: 0,1 kg/0,2 lbs
Color: Black

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How does it work?

Why choose between a bike or stroller, when you can have both? Påhoj is the bike seat that turns into a stroller in a second.

No more carrying your kid around!

Why Påhoj?

Your bike ride makes a difference! In urban areas, half of all car trips are shorter than 5 km, a distance that can easily be replaced by bike. Better health and better climate. Win-win!