Our mission is to make urban biking adventures a walk in the park.

The Story of Påhoj

Påhoj is a Malmö based company founded by parent and industrial designer Lycke von Schantz. Her idea of combining walking and biking with your child was born as a master thesis during her studies at the School of Industrial Design in Lund, Sweden. Quickly afterwards she received requests from parents all over the world and realized that there was a global need that had to be fulfilled. The journey of bringing PåHoj to the market begun, to give you and your little one the freedom to explore urban adventures together.

The Påhoj Team

Lycke von Schantz,
Påhoj Founder

It is such a high to be able to design not only a good product, but also the brand and universe around it. As a parent of two, I appreciate the the luxury of biking to pick up the kids. Especially when I can smoothly bike past all the cars stuck in traffic.

Sara Sterner,

"My bike is my best friend and I pack it as if it were a mule. That is why Påhoj is a perfect match for me. My children believe I have a “flower obsession” and my colleagues often call me Martha Stewart. But hey, aesthetics ARE essential! "

Amazon Innovation
Award Winner 2021

We believe that biking should be the way we all travel. Imagine a city with no pollution, noise or CO2, where we can discover hidden gems and new adventures together. Using the bike and allowing your kid to tag along is a great way to manifest good habits from childhood into adulthood. As we say in Sweden, “Children do as you do, not as you tell them to do”. Have a nice ride. And walk!

iF Gold Award 2021

"Each year, iF International Forum Design GmbH organizes one of the world's most celebrated design competitions: the iF DESIGN AWARD. Recognized as a symbol of design excellence around the world, the iF DESIGN AWARD welcomed 2021 almost 10,000 submissions from 60 countries. Of those 10,000 entries only 75 entries were awarded the iF Gold Award. ”This bike seat and stroller is a tool for environmental and social change as well as a highly innovative product in its own right. PåHoj promotes a healthier and more flexible lifestyle, making it easier for parents to go biking and walking with their kids."

Baby Product of the Year Sweden 2020

Category: Baby on the Go

Each year, The Swedish toy & Baby Association, the Swedish industry organization for baby products and toys, awards prizes children and baby products of the year. The award can be divided into 4 categories Safety, Baby on the go, Environment and Care and finally Nurse/Sleep. The jury consists of parties from the industry and parents that are not part of the industry.

"Påhoj solves an actual problem - and does it impressively well."

European Product Design Award 2019

Category: Platinum in Children Products/Strollers, Gold in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Bicycle and bicycle accessories.

The Product Design Award recognizes the efforts of talented designers and design teams who aim to improve our daily lives with a practical and beautiful creation, designed to solve a problem, make life easier or simply spread joy.

German Design Award Nominee

The German Design Awards identifies and presents unique design trends: a competition that advances the design-oriented scene. The German Design Council, the expert for brand and design in Germany, bestows the German Design Award. The German Design Council is one of the world’s leading competence centers for communication and brand management in the field of design. The exclusive network of foundation members includes in addition to designers and design associations, in particular the owners and brand directors of numerous renowned companies.

Eurobike Gold Award & Start Up Award

Category: Start-up

The EUROBIKE AWARD is one of the most important international awards that a company in the bicycle and mobility industry can achieve. Awards are given to new products and outstanding, future-oriented innovations, chosen and evaluated by a jury of experts.

"The concept is simply brilliant."

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